VSTGUI 4_10_3 red bitmaps?


After upgrading to VSTGUI 4.10.3 we have reported issues from some users that some bitmaps are red for OSX:

Of course it should look like the knob below, but for some reason it doesn’t. If bitmap wouldn’t be found in the system, there would be just transparent sections.

Of course this could be still case specific to our environment, but what is strange that we have just one report, and there are only 2 knobs that don’t work properly - of coruse most of thoe are quite similar when it comes to structure - what makes it odd, and point to some strange corner case.

Of course - live is live and we can’t reproduce it on about 10 machines, so it is not easily reproducible and most likely connected to some sort of GPU driver, or GPU HW.

I don’t exactly recall what version we were on prevsiously, but it worked without any issues - if there is anything that someone can point to, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!