VSTGUI KeyboardView not drawing correct amount of keys

Hi, not sure if this is something that I am supposed to program or if the kit should be building this part. I used the Keyboard.cpp to put a keyboard at the bottom of my VST and it kept drawing large keys even though it has enough room for four octaves. I had to hard code the actual values for the keys as the editor values are not being read properly. Here is the code snippet from mypluginui.cpp

void updateKeyboard()
	if (keyboard && rangeSelector)
		auto range = rangeSelector->getSelectionRange();

		CCoord whiteKeyWidth = std::floor(keyboard->getViewSize().getWidth() / rangeSelector->getNumWhiteKeysSelected());

		if (range.position + range.length > rangeSelector->getNumKeys() + rangeSelector->getKeyRangeStart())
			range.length -= 1;

		// TODO: key sizes not calculating correctly
		// this might be an SDK bug
		whiteKeyWidth = 32;
		keyboard->setKeyRange(range.position, 42);// range.length);

		keyboard->setBlackKeyWidth(whiteKeyWidth / 1.5);

		keyboard->setBlackKeyHeight(keyboard->getHeight() / 2.);

Any ideas?

Can you provide some screenshots? I’m unsure what your issue is.