VSTGUI knob sensitivity


We’d like to modify the mouse drag sensitivity of CAnimKnob instances because plenty of users have complained about the default sensitivity of the VSTGUI implementation in our plugins. We’re aware of CKnobBase::setZoomFactor() accessible through the zoom modifier, but I am talking about the base sensitivity here.

It seems like there is a record called range in CKnobBase::MouseEditingState that could be modified in principle but which is always initialized to the const kCKnobRange value in onMouseDown() and onMouseMoved() respectively.

Would it be feasible to add something like CKnobBase::setKnobRange() or CKnobBase::setMouseSensitivity() or to not qualify kCKnobRange as const static so the base sensitivity can be modified via client code and without having to patch VSTGUI in a future release?



Sure, why not make a PullRequest on GitHub?

Hi Arne,

Done, see here: Allow for knob specific mouse sensitivity via CKnobBase::setKnobRange() by raygit83 · Pull Request #310 · steinbergmedia/vstgui · GitHub