VSTGUI on iOS without VST SDK

Is this possible? I’ve mostly finished porting my OSX application to iOS and now I’d like to ditch the VST SDK. On OSX and Windows, we simply derive our editor from PlUGGUIEditor. Will this trick work for iOS as well?


You don’t even need PlugGUIEditor. Have a look at the project in “vstgui/tests/ios standalone/” on how to use vstgui on ios.

Hi Arne,

I checked out that project. My GUI is build around the old VSTGUI 3.6 way of doing this. For OSX and PC my editor is derived from PLUGGUIEditor and for iOS, it’s currently being derived from VSTGUIEditor and friends. Am I stuck using the VST SDK?


All I can tell you is, that the CFrame does not need a VSTGUIEditorInterface object to work on any platform. If you need a base VSTGUIEditorInterface class, then write a dummy one that does nothing just implementing the virtual methods.

Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

Hi Arne,

I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. So I’ve fInally found the time to work on this, but I’m still having trouble understanding where my CFrame is supposed to be coming when building for iOS.

Here is how I construct my editor for various platforms:

class Editor:	public VSTGUIEditor, public CControlListener, public IParameterFinder, public IContextMenuTarget

class Editor : public AEffGUIEditor, public CControlListener

//Windows / OSX Standalone
class Editor : public PluginGUIEditor, public CControlListener

What should I be deriving my editor from for iOS (without the VST SDK)?

which methods do you override from PluginGUIEditor for your Win/macOS standalone ?


Hi Arne,

I’m overriding open, close, and idle.


OK, they are mainly no-ops, so you just build your own base class which inherits from VSTGUIEditorInterface and and open, close and idle as virtual methods.
Then you just need to create an UIView and give that to the CFrame open method.

Success! Thanks a million, Arne.