Im updating a class with the new version of the drag/drop methods. (using VSTGUI 4.9)
I inherited from VSTGUI::IDropTarget, called setDropTarget() in the constructor and overriden: bool onDrop(VSTGUI::DragEventData data), VSTGUI::DragOperation onDragEnter(VSTGUI::DragEventData data), VSTGUI::DragOperation onDragMove(VSTGUI::DragEventData data) and void onDragLeave(VSTGUI::DragEventData data).

Whenever I drag&drop an element, all the methods get called except for onDrop. Is there something I am missing?

Thank you!

first of all, you should not call setDropTarget (this), just override the getDropTarget () method and return this instead.
And to receive a drop your dragMove method must return either DragOperation::Copy or DragOperation::Move. If you return DragOperation::None you won’t get the drop call.

I hope this helps

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