VSTi-Automation in Midi-Event

I am coming from Studio One and there is the option to automate any automatable parameter of the VSTi directly in the Midi-Event.
In Cubase it seems that its only possible to automate MIDI-CC-Data in the Midi-Event and the VSTi-Automations are recorded and shown on a new automation-track.

Is it possible to record and edit the automation of a VSTi directly in the Midi-Event?

I tried this: Setting up a remote-control (MIDI-CC) which controls my VSTi-Paramter - this works when I move the Fader on my MIDI-Controller… but when I choose that MIDI-CC-Channel in my MIdi-Event and edit the automation there it doesnt do anything…

Here is a screenshot of Studio one for a better understanding (The “Sample 4 Pitch” Parameter is a VSTi paramter - I would like to control that paramter in a cubase midi-event, too):


If I understand your use case right, use Quick Controls, please.