VSTi causing Cubase to lose ability to UNDO after recording.

Instantiate Kontakt or any VSTi.
Record enable.
Record something.
The recorded midi part appears on screen.
However it is not editable. You can’t click on it.
Also: History of the project is frozen. No more UNDO.

The only way to get Cubase to make this part accessible is to duplicate the VSTi track, then delete the original version.
The duplicated VSTi track is now editable. Until you record another part. Then it’s back to frozen again.

I’ve tried different buffer sizes. I’ve tried switching audio engine.
Just to somehow reset Cubase into being functional. Nothing.

This defeats the purpose of using Cubase as a production daw. I am so hating life right now.
Please help. Does anybody have a thought?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

What is that?


Google is your friend… Safe Start Mode.