VSTi designation -- Cubase 11 is compliant?

The designation “VST 2” and “VST3” for libraries is obvious, but I’ve never understood the “VSTi” designation. I’d like to buy Librewave’s Irish Whistle, but I’m hesitating because their website says “The host must support VSTi plugins.” Am I right to assume that Cubase 11 will be compliant with VSTi? And can a library with this designation be accessed by either instrument or MIDI tracks? Thanks for any help.

The “i” just indicates it is an Instrument plug-in that uses the VST standard. Halion, Kontakt, Superior Drums, and the rest of 'em are all VSTi’s.


Steinberg invented VST so it’s likely they meet their own standards.

Thank you!

The history lesson: when Steinberg first released VST there were only musical effects such as delay, reverb, …
At a later stage Steinberg also released the ability to use instruments in Cubase. To distinguish those plug-ins from the VST effects they were called VSTi.

You didn’t ask but now you know :innocent:

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