VSTi(inside cubase) VS Hardware roompler sound clarity ?!

i often feel that Roompler hardware ( in my case Motif es,Korg, Alesis drum machine) sounds punchier and clearer then Vsti sounds, in some ways the vsti sound sounds muddy and lifeless, maybe the Vsti has much more articulations, more samples in numbers,memory wise and loop length, but still it lacks( especially in a mix with other sounds) of this sound that cuts trough with good definition,clarity and depth.
all in all its manageable but needs a lot of tweaking,and processing compared to hardware roomplare recorded sounds, and not always as good.
for example Halion sonic which uses sort of motifs sounds, its lifeless in many similar sounds to motif.
just to be clear i do this comparison when i record the roompler to cubase with each sound recorded to different track,(and maybe it losses little punch and definition that way too when recorded to cubase compared to “live” sound from the instrument itself, but its another topic i guess)

any experience with this ?

I can’t speak personally about the equipment you mention specifically but i have noticed quite a difference is sound between the korg wavestation plugin and novation bass station hard/software… as i’ve tried both side by side here on different interfaces on different occasions…

i agree that the hardware does seem more ‘solid’ imho, but then again the hardware, once recorded has gone through multiple a/d/a conversions if recording via analogue which will colour the sound to an extent…