VSTi Issues in N6

I just installed N6 64bit. Some of my current VSTi’s (32 bit ones) although they load, the interface comes up as a narrow line that cannot be maximized or as a small box that cannot be maximized making the VSTi useless cause you can’t see its interface.

Any ideas as to a fix? Is it a VST Bridge issue?



It could well be a bridging issue.

If you are using jBridge check with them to see if an update is available for N6 compatibility.

I’m actually using whatever comes with N6. Is VST Bridge not a Steinberg application?

Anyone else seeing the issue? Any suggestions?

Using the steinberg vst bridge…

yes Iusethe Steinberg VST Bridge

First thing to do is check that the plugs are VST 2.4 or higher.


What happens if they are not?

Don’t use them, or if you do, don’t expect them to work well. Alternatively host them externally using something like J-Bridge or VE Pro.


Ok, cool. I will check. Thanks