VSTI stereo output question

I’m rebuilding an orchestra template, and trying to take advantage of some new things I’ve learned since the last time I made it. Here’s a rundown of what it looks like now:

Folder: Orchestra Family

  • Folder: Orchestra Instrument 1

    • Instrument Track 1 (SUSTAIN.)
    • |_ Stereo Output 1&2
    • |_ Stereo Output 3&4
    • |_ Stereo Output 5&6
    • |_ Stereo Output 7&8
    • Instrument Track 2 (LEGATO)
    • |_ Stereo Output 1&2
    • |_ Stereo Output 3&4
    • |_ Stereo Output 5&6
    • |_ Stereo Output 7&8
    • Instrument 1 Group Channel
  • Folder: Orchestra Instrument 2

    • Instrument Track N

The multiple stereo outputs are for controlling the volume of Microphone positions in the PLAY VSTI. I have these paired up in a Group channel so that if I want to apply filtering or adjust the EQ, it applies to all articulations of the instrument within the folder. I can control the volume of each mic by editing the automation for an Instrument track individually, but I would rather have a way to control these volumes universally. The alternative is a lot of copying and pasting.

I’m a bit new to the process of mixing and routing, so my question is: Is it possible to control something such as the stereo output volume for multiple VST instruments in a Group channel? More specifically, I’m looking for a way that every Stereo Output within each folder could “inherit” the volume from a single track.

You can create group/folder tracks for any number of channels or folders. You can then create VCA faders for any type of group, channels or folders you want want to control. It’s actually pretty much unlimited?

Tried creating group channels for individual mic positions, but that doesn’t seem to work. More specifically, is there a way I can control THESE within a single lane?

I could’ve sworn there was a video on different methods of managing Hollywood Orchestra’s microphone positions, but I can’t seem to find it.

You can route those individual outputs to groups, do it all the time. Just try again.

I understand that you’re trying to use Cubase to it’s fullest potential but I would re-consider outputting the individual mic’s to different outputs. It’s something that on the surface seems like a great idea, but in practice I find it unwieldy and not particularly helpful. The PLAY mixer is pretty good and unless you’re wanting to apply different effects to different mic positions (unlikely) it’s not that useful and makes the mixer overly large.

For something like a drumkit it’s absolutely useful and worth doing… but I dont feel so much for orchestral instruments unless you’re sending to another producer or engineer to mix.

I think I’m missing a step in the process. When I make group channels out of instrument tracks, it’s pretty straightforward–Highlight all the ones you want in a group, select ‘Add track > Group Channel to Selected Channels’. Bada Bing. It doesn’t give me that option for any of the expression lanes. Since I’ve already grouped the instrument tracks into a group track (Let’s call it ‘Piccolo Flute Group’), is it possible that I do the automation lanes for stereo outputs here? If so, I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

On the subject of it being overblown…I agree, but I’m also not a fan of the PLAY microhphone position native controls. They don’t seem to be fond of letting you set each mic to a typed-in, numeric volume. If I were to write a part that consisted of Legato and Sustain notes, for the sake of consistency, I would want both instruments to share the same microphone configuration (Usually heavy on Close, very light on Main, Mid, and slight on Surround). It makes more sense to me to have those in automation lanes so they can be the same across the board, as I’m not very good at matching up the sliders. They could benefit from “copy/paste microphone settings” buttons in the UI…hm, maybe I’ll go bug them for it.


Found the missing piece of info I was looking for. You can only group automation tracks within the Mixer. Up until now, I’ve always done mixing in other programs after exporting audio, so I never even knew I needed the mixer. There’s more I need to learn, but…

I just discovered that deleting a group channel of Instrument tracks drops all audio output, for every member of the group. Would’ve been nice to know that going in, since the only known remedy seems to be editing channel options and re-enabling Stereo Output…for hundreds of channels.

Well, time to start learning how to make Macros!

You can route multiple channels at once by using alt/option and shift.

I also suggest turning on the direct routing item in your inspector - you can choose whats displayed by pressing the cog at the bottom of the inspector.

I find this more useful for changing the routing of tracks.

You can use typed in numerical values in the PLAY mixer. Make sure you’re using the mixer and not the macro style mini mixer on the player page.

Well, I can select multiple tracks at once with alt+shift, but when I click on Direct Routing to set Stereo Out as my Bus, that only applies to the first channel I had selected. Feels like I’m still missing something.

Select the multiple channels with shift or if they’re all over the place and not sequential use command.

Then hit alt/shift and change the routing - all the channels will be routed to the same destination.

Riiiiiight, alt+shift+click on the Destination field. Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me earlier, but now it’ll save a ton of time. Thanks for bearing with me.

New to grouping in 9.5

Tried grouping 4 audio channels.
Multiple selected the channels > added to group channel
The audio is not routed to the group. When I mute the group it works but I don’t see any meter action in the group.

Looked at this:
In my version of 9.5.41 I can’t access racks anywhere.

What am I missing?

Also how is the process different for midi channels?
Was trying to group midi channels.
Is my only option to add to VCA fader for midi?