VSTi stops playing on multiple iterations of a loop

I’m trying to use the drum patterns in my BFD2 to trigger a VSTi (exploring how the Chord Track can muck with it).

The way I’ve set it up works fine, until I try to use it cycling in a loop. When I set up the locators and enable looping, I hear the VSTi play the drum pattern fine the first time through the loop, but the second and subsequent times through the loop there is no sound, even though MIDI note date is still being sent to the VSTi.

Here is how I’ve set it up.
BFD2 is in in the VST instrument rack and playing back fine on a MIDI track.
Halion Sonic SE is on an instrument track, monitoring enabled with its MIDI input set to the BFD2 MIDI Out.
Suspecting it might be an Instrument track problem I also created another MIDI track set to play Prologue (also in the rack) and set its MIDI in to be the BFD2 MIDI out.

If I don’t enable looping, both synths play whatever notes BFD2 is churning out just fine until I stop the transport.
But with looping enabled, they play until they get to the end of the loop and then stop making sounds. However they are still receiving MIDI note data. I inserted a MIDI monitor plug in both configs and can see the data continuing to be sent on every trip through loop. Looking at the MIDI data there is only note on and note off events - so it’s not anything like controller data gone wild. Also every time I stop and then start playback it works fine until the end of the first loop.

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I’m not exactly sure why, but the cause was having the drum part in BFD2 be looping around a 2-bar loop starting at bar 0, while the loop in Cubase was for 8 bars starting at bar 1. If I make the loop sections the same it works fine. I think it didn’t like the 2 loops being not synchronized. Although it has no problems just playing the drums back without being in sync. And also for the first time through the Cubase loop they weren’t in sync and it played fine.

FYI, once functioning this has been pretty fun. I’m using the transformer to randomize the drum hits across a 2 octave range and midi mods to lengthen the notes. Then have the cord track bring the notes inline with the chords and you can get a nice rhythmic groove playing the chord changes. Slap in a reggae loop and you get instant rasta, etc.

Glad that its sorted)