VSTis working with "create drum map from instrument"

I’ve read that this works only for VST3 instruments, if at all. Although I’ve also read that it works with FXpansions’ BFD3 and Geist, which are VST2.4. I own EZDrummer 2 and it doesn’t work. So besides Groove Agent and the FXpansion stuff, for which VST instruments does this actually work?

btw, couldn’t find anything about create drum map from instrument in the manual.


Yes, this works with VST3 only. In he VST2 standard, there is no this kind of comunication between the plug-in and the host (Cubase).

Then it depends film the plug-in developer support this comunication to the host.

I also thought it was dependent on VST3 for the reason you give. But I just checked BFD3, which is not VST3, and was able to create the map from the instrument. I wonder how that happens? Tried some Kontakt drums, but they don’t.


So, is there a list of VSTis that work with it?


I don’t think so. It’s at the plug-ins vendors side.

Anyone know of a way to generate drum maps for Battery 4? thanks!

Can confirm this for BFD3 but I can’t edit the drum names. Is it the same for you?

No you can’t edit them. But I think that’s the same for any map created from an Instrument.

Do you also have a problem with a sorted and saved version of the default (automatically generated) map reverting back to the default (unsorted) version?

Yes. Basically you can’t change them at all. In BFD3 I created an internal drum map that was sorted how I wanted it. Then when I automatically create a map in Cubase it comes out how I want it.

A-ha! So that’s how you do it. Thanks for the tip :smiley:

In the meantime, I’ve sent a support request, in case it’s supposed to be editable. I’ll post back when I hear anything.

You mean reassigning all the keys in order so all the hats, etc, are together? Sounds like a lot of work…

While it seems like a lot of work, it’s really not too bad. It’s been awhile but I think it only took me 30-45 minutes, and you only need to do it once. One thing to make sure to do is have the map support more drums that you normally use. That way when you add an extra snare or percussion slots the map will accommodate them.

For what it’s worth here’s the map I did:

Thank you very much! I’ll get stuck into it…

Finally got a response from support and there is a bug!

I have to confirm at you, there is a problem with drum map. It should be fixed in the next Cubase Pro 8.5 maintenance update

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say which bug, despite repeated requests for clarification, because I found two:

  1. where you can’t edit auto-generated map drum names
  2. drag-dropping a drum to the end of the list drops it miles away from the insert point

At least something’s going to get fixed. Would be nice to get an assurance that the fix was going to get rolled back to v7.5 but still waiting on that.

Hopefully when they go in to fix whatever is on their list they’ll notice other existing problems.

This has been winding me up for a while too as i’m a BFD3 user and you HAVE to use maps with it if you want to go in deep. The ability to edit an ‘import map from instrument’ map would SERIOUSLY speed things up!!

raino is right in what he says, it can be pretty daunting the first few times you map something like BFD with all its articulations but it’s really not too bad once you’ve done it… Once you have a ‘base map’, so long as you stick with that map and just tweak it as needed from song to song (you might want more cymbals, two snares or more toms) then it’s fairly quick and easy… it pays to think ahead :wink: