.vstpresets not available to load for updated synth

It’s quite frustrating to use .vstpresets, only to have them not be available to load because a developer updated the plugin.

Im staring at omnisphere here, when i click save, it shows all the presets that are in that folder, yet when i load, i cannot see any of them?

I dunno what happened with one of the omnisphere updates, did they change the plugin ID? What is causing these presets to be unavailable to this version of the plug…

Further more, the same things happens when dev’s decide to properly do a NEW VERSION of a plugin, such as the stupid amount of Spire updates that show up as totally new plugins.
It kinda renders the whole .vstpreset system useless, surely steinberg can think of something to workaround this, because im kinda at the point of aborting from .vstpresets all together due to this mess…

At least with native presets, you always have the ability to load them into the new versions of the synths or effect with no issues. With .vstpresets, they are just useless for new versions…

Is there any workaround for this?

The only workaround is to ignore .vstpresets and only use the plugin’s internal preset mechanism.
You are correct, the problem is usually with plugin developers assigning a new plugin id to a new version or sometimes even to the VST3 version when e.g. updating from a VST2 version.
The plugin ID is baked into the vstpreset file. I’ve actually tried reverse engineering the format to a point where I could change the ID in a hex editor, but it didn’t work, dunno why.