I’m planning to save some of my best Kontakt patches as vst presets. I like the tagging features of media bay.
I was wondering what happens when native instruments will update kontakt to version 6.
Will they still work? Or I have to keep kontakt 5 installed in order lo load them properly?
The question on a more general level is: do updates to plugins make your collection of vst presets completely useless?

so save ur track preset by right clicking and “save track preset as”.

say for example ur track preset uses Kontakt 5.1 then u upgrade to Kontakt 5.2 the patch will still load as long as u still have the same library. Same thing with massive, FM8 etc…

IIRC zeta use to have this bug where once u change patches it reverts back to factory defaults or something but its fixed now.

so no its not completely useless

This question is very legitimate of course but it all depends on the vendor. NI tends to name it’s plugin after the version ‘Kontakt 5’. So this might pose an issue in the next version? Others just use the same name like ‘Serum_x64’. It’s hard to predict what a future update of a plugin will support from the former version. But in my experience the developers usually take in account that users have made presets that need to be compatible with the next version.
So you can be be fairly sure that your custom presets and selected patches in your DAW will still be usable in the next version.

When Kontakt 6 will arrive your VSTpreset made with Kontakt 5 will not work with Kontakt 6

And you know this for a fact before there’s even been any rumors about a new release?

yes VST Preset made with Kontakt 4 does’nt work with Kontakt 5 etc… Each version (4 / 5 / 6 not 5.1/5.2…) have his one ID.

That’s why I think they’re useless. No future compatibility is a bigger minus for me!
I think they could solve the problem in the tag editor letting us change the plugin (or the plugin ID) that is going to load the preset. That would be an easy and elegant way to keep compatibility in a breeze

I tried an experiment.
I renamed Kontakt 4 DLL as simply ‘Kontakt’.
I saved a VST Preset with that plugin name.
Then I removed Kontakt 4 (and its renamed DLL) and installed Kontakt 5.
I renamed Kontakt 5 DLL as simply ‘Kontakt’.
Tried to load the VST Preset I saved but it didn’t work :frowning:

I even tried to analyze a VST Preset file with the notepad app but I can’t figure out what to change to make the preset compatible with latest version of Kontakt
Any suggestion on how to modify a VST Preset file to make it compatible with different version of the same plugin?