VSTs and Hard Drive Configuration

I’m about to reinstall my Cubase installation on a new system with two hard drives and am wondering what the best way to go about it is. From what I’ve read so far, I should go with the following:

Disk 1 - OS and applications (incl. Cubase)
Disk 2 - Audio

Where I’m a bit unsure is where to put my VSTs (nearly 80GB of Spectrasonics libraries). On the same disk as the OS? On the same disk but in a separate partition? Somewhere else altogether? I also have a 1TB external disk (USB) that I’ve only used for backups so far.

Thanks for any insights!

There’s no definite answer … except: forget the partititions. They are only useful in:

  1. ancient systems, which wre not able to handle one big physical disk as one logical disk
  2. if you want to have one level of logical seperation of data for administrative purposes.
    No performance gain there.

Now … when it comes to if you should keep sound libraries on OS/application disk or your audio disk depends highly on the usage profile:

  1. If you have a lot of audio tracks but only seldom access to libraries:
    Disk 1: OS/applications/libraries
    Disk 2: Audio
  2. If you have lot of access to libraries but only few audio tracks:
    Disk 1: OS/applications/audio
    Disk 2: libraries
  3. And then the traditional good starting point:
    Disk 1: OS/applications
    Disk 2: Audio/libraries

If you encounter any performance issues with Disk 2 using #3 approach, try to figure out, which is creating less disk traffic and move that content to Disk 1.

Thanks Jarno!