VSTs Not Showing Up in New Projects

My VSTs (including Arturia, Play, Aria etc…all of them) are working just fine in my old files, but when I start a new project and add an instrument, the respective players don’t show up! I’m wondering if downloading the (basically useless and inoperable) Zebra 2 demo this morning messed things up. I’ve checked all the proper folders, paths, everything, restarted computer several times, totally uninstalled the useless Zebra crap, etc. This hasn’t happened before, and I find it especially strange that the players are showing up no problem in my older projects, even ones from earlier this week.

I’d be very grateful for any help, please!

help please!

Not sure but in this situation I would try to delete the plugin xmls from the preferences (AppData) folder and let Cubase rescan.

Vst2PlugIns Cubase.xml
Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml

Also give some more info on your system…which o/s which Cubase? 64bit Cubase, All 64 bit plugs?

WOW THANK YOU! Back to working, thanks so much!

Glad to help.