VSTs won't learn commands such as midi inputs. HELP!

ok so I’m using guitar rig 4 and I can’t get one of it’s most important functions to work in Cubase. all want is to get it to recognise midi and key inputs but when I click learn I can press every button on the midi controller and every button on the keyboard and it’s still won’t recognise a single command. someone please help me. I’m going crazy here!

Does you MIDI work alright in Cubase? We can’t help you with Guitar Rig 4.

Yes my midi works fine I can record midi notes in cubase but when I try to use a learn function in a VST it just won’t recognise any inputs.

That isn’t a Cubase problem then.

OK I’ve figured it out. to anyone else who might be having this problem, Cubase LE won’t let you use the midi learn functions in VSTs. so you can either buy the full version of Cubase which has a feature called quick commands or get a better DAW

In toontracks Superior Drummer 2.0 the LEARN function is in it, not the Host CUBASE.
Maybe it’s in Guitar Rig 4 as well. By the way the Learn Button worked fine for
me when I used Cubase Le4 and SD 2.0 together. Of course I used Instrument tracks
and not midi Tracks. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: