VSX Headphones

I’ve just bought some Slate VSX Heaphones.
Is there anyone that uses these that has any tips on how to use ?
At the moment they’re used a plugin on the output channel before the fader, should they be used as a plugin after the fader ? or before ?
Also what I normally do with analysis tools is delete them from the inserts part of the output channel so there is no interference from the plugins on the resulting exported file. Is this correct ?

If you have Cubase Pro: insert the plugin in the Control Room inserts for your headphone output.

Thanks I’ll try that.

When I export do I have to delete the VSX plugin from the Control Room Insert.

Provided you have the plug-in on the headphone insert in the Control Room, you will not need to delete it before exporting.

Thanks djangodeadman.
I’ll sort that out when I get time