VU meter/Peak meter/both option for all audio channels

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Just found out that Ableton has this opption. Realy hope that Cubase will come up with it soon


Bump - for Cubase 11…

+1 This would be so useful for mixing and mastering!

Pro Tools metering options… PT has 17(!) metering options for the mixer channels: :astonished:

And GR Meters in the mixer channels too.


It really boggles the mind that this feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Every professional console I’ve ever worked on has rms/vu metering for every channel. Why fixate exclusively on peak metering? There should be an option to switch between Peak and RMS metering, or show them both simultaneously. Or add it to the Meter Bridge. Anyone else think the Meter Bridge set to Peak Metering is kinda pointless? Redundant, perhaps? :confused:

Metering plugins = bad workflow. If I have 60 tracks I can’t look at them all onscreen at the same time. They’re fine for checking the Master Bus but not every track.
I wish Steinberg would consult working professionals to help with their console design. There should be a phase switch on every channel next to the fader (like every other professional console) but that’s a whole other conversation.

Not sure if you people have tried it but you can get sort of halfway to a VU meter by adjusting the fall time of the meter I think. By adjusting just how quickly it shows energy drop you at least get that part of the equation - peak on the way up and a sort of integration on the way down… no?

I’m in post though and use Nuendo so I don’t really work in a way where I need a VU on each track (or LUFS). But I figured you guys could try that out and see if the meters feel better.

One nice aspect of Cubase 12 is that SuperVision now includes a VU meter view. (Thank you, Steinberg!)

Still no solution for individual tracks, but the new feature is helpful.

yes +1

Maybe in Cubendo 12.5 ?

I take it, feature requests are to just be jammed in here amongst all the other lounge topics? If not, I’m clueless where the area is.

At any rate, I own Cubase 12/Nuendo 12 as well as consoles/tape machines.

Aside from large projects, if I create a little 16trk empty project, I’d like the ability to assign a little yellow actual vu meter at the top of the mixer and/or top/side/middle area of track controls. None of these large 2-meter type plugins…I want one integrated for each channel…whenever I want. None of this plasma meter stuff (unless I want :slight_smile: )

I was just looking at a youtube reaper video where a guy shows how to do this exact…exact…thing on Reaper. Nice little meters appearing just where they do on consoles.

I don’t like Reaper…and it took the video guy a zillion clicks to set the meters up…and the meters themselves don’t look all that good ballistic-wise…but hey…,…Reaper can do it just like I’d prefer in Cubase/Nuendo.

Sometimes…I just want to be in the same mindset with cb/n12 that I’d be in at the console. 16 little vu meters…or 128 little vu meters. However many I want.

So there…there’s the request.

I did it for you.

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