Vu meters on chnls and/or mixer top

I take it, feature requests are to just be jammed in here amongst all the other lounge topics? If not, I’m clueless where the area is.

At any rate, I own Cubase 12/Nuendo 12 as well as consoles/tape machines.

Aside from large projects, if I create a little 16trk empty project, I’d like the ability to assign a little yellow actual vu meter at the top of the mixer and/or top/side/middle area of track controls. None of these large 2-meter type plugins…I want one integrated for each channel…whenever I want. None of this plasma meter stuff (unless I want :slight_smile: )

I was just looking at a youtube reaper video where a guy shows how to do this exact…exact…thing on Reaper. Nice little meters appearing just where they do on consoles.

I don’t like Reaper…and it took the video guy a zillion clicks to set the meters up…and the meters themselves don’t look all that good ballistic-wise…but hey…,…Reaper can do it just like I’d prefer in Cubase/Nuendo.

Sometimes…I just want to be in the same mindset with cb/n12 that I’d be in at the console. 16 little vu meters…or 128 little vu meters. However many I want.

So there…there’s the request.

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