W does not preserve focused zoom

When using W to toggle between score and part, I find that the selected note remains selected, but Z does not zoom to the selection. In fact, the resulting viewing window often does not include the selected note at all. I have to find the selection, manually re-select the note, and then focused zoom works as expected.

Is this reproducible for others? If so, I’m bringing it to the team’s attention, as it certainly seems to not be the intended behavior. Thanks.

This is a known limitation of the way that selection currently works in Dorico. The selection encodes the layout that it was made in, so when we switch from one layout to another, the selection is preserved but it is not actively updated to refer to the new layout, so certain things (like zooming on the selection) don’t work. In the longer term the plan is to change the way selections work so that these sorts of limitations can be removed.