W10 1903 test with Cubase 9.5 & 10 & Wavelab

I am not suggesting doing this (without hearing from Steinberg first) but I did this update to my portable recording system (Lenovo W Series portable workstation / RME Fireface UCX) that was running W10 1809.
This update is soon to be available to all in the normal Settings / Windows Update but I upgraded to W10 1903 via Upgrade Assistant where it is now available. I had already done the update to three (non-audio workstations) Surface devices with no issues other than you must eject the SD card if present before updating.
When the update was complete the first thing I did was update the E-License software from 1248 to the latest 1251. Past experience has taught me that reinstalling E-License is usually required after a major W10 update. E-License worked correctly post reinstall (update in my case).
After a brief test with Cubase 9.5 projects and Wavelab 9.5 they both “seemed to work fine” post the update.
I will not be installing this update to my main DAW until Steinberg approves / comments…if they haven’t already.
EDIT: Tried C10.2 on this machine and it seems fine with a medium sized project imported from C9.5.


This is not necesary. The problem is Windows update overwrites some eLCC settings. Start eLCC as adminsitrator and trigger Maintenance. You don’t have tu reinstall.

Thanks for the information Martin

Updated to 1903 on Tuesday evening and all things Cubase have been working really good… until… today when I fired up my VB3 vsti. Then it took me 45 minutes to figure out why the sound was cutting out periodically. Bottom line was that I had to re-register it.
Simple fix… yes.
Should I have known this immediately, yes.
Stupid me, yes. :blush:

Regards :sunglasses:

Also, Update Altiverb & Relab Lx 480 to the last versions.