[W10] Multiple Exports

The Multiple Exports feature is fantastic!

I have experienced a problem or perhaps it’s a limitation. I’ll explain.

Massive project with tons of vocals. All vocals groups are routed to a main VOX group. This group has no inserts or FX sends - it’s just a MUTE/SOLO control group. The different vocal groups have inserts and are using one global FX send (reverb).
Using Multiple Exports and selecting the VOX group with the Effects Setting set to "+Master/Groups/Sends (CSPM) I keep getting a blank file. When the queued job starts for the VOX group I can see Nuendo soloing the VOX group along with the corresponding groups and the reverb channel.

I added the VOX group to the queue along with other queued jobs and all of the others were exported correctly. The VOX export was blank. Is there perhaps a limitation of some sort or is this just a bug?

To add… all of the vocal parts are in folders for project management. When you solo a group, Nuendo always shows that it’s muted the corresponding folder, but the tracks in the folder play nonetheless. As a test I removed the tracks from the folders, but still got the same result

I have had similar results trying to use the multiple exports - mine struggled to reliably include sends for some of the groups, but included the same send for another.

So, not entirely the same issue, but might be related?

Yeah, same sort of thing here. I’ve been experimenting over the course of the day. There are some things that don’t work as expected, but I’m figuring things out as I go along.

Irrespective of any issues, this has to be one of the greatest features ever added to Nuendo! Maybe one day we’ll be able to more than 20 items to the queue :grinning:

What a great feature!!! :boom: