W11 installed

Want to install my Dorico again and as expected just looking for a place to download from, and the tedious process awaiting gives me a stomachache.
Could anybody be kind enough to outline the procedure maybe in a couple of lines, please?
Btw. yesterday reinstalled Guitar Pro 7.5. Logged in the homepage, download the software, punched in my Licence key: up and running in less than 60 seconds.
If Dorico takes too long, I will dump it for good.

Is your license on the USB eLicenser or on the soft eLicenser?

Download and install Dorico, HALion sounds, and the eLCC. Then launch Dorico and it will ask you to enter your activation code.


You can use the Steinberg Download Assistant to supervise it, if you want; otherwise just download from Steinberg > Support > Downloads.

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Thanks. Do you mean the “Application Installer” right?
So I need :
-Application Installer.
-E-Licenser (which will probably need an update every time)
-And Dorico.
Like I said just from reading these guidelines I get a stomach ache.

After formating and installing W11. I had a list of about 15 apps/software to install. By far Steinberg is the most tedious, I mean that I even need to investigate the procedure in a forum is mind-blowing.

I just started the procedure and stopped. I´m sorry, I see what is coming, been there done that.
I will forget Dorico, will not install, too bad for all the scores I worked so hard on the last 2 years. I know they are promising a “new licensing system”. After years and it is still not here? Just cannot afford to waste more time, even writing on this forum.
People have been really kind and helpful, but this software just defeats its own purpose, of making a joyful, playful experience working with music.
All the best for everyone, happy holidays,
and please stay healthy.

I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Count to ten, have a cup of tea, and come back to it. You shouldn’t need to install Dorico from scratch more than about four times in your life.

You need the Application Installer (which installs the application Dorico), and the Sounds installer (which installs the HALion sounds). You may also need to install the eLCC separately, I’m not sure. See what happens when you launch Dorico. As said, if you use the Steinberg Download Assistant, that will do it all for you. It really isn’t that difficult.

I have to say the Download Assistant is not at all user friendly. For example, it downloads but then you have to open and install? And yet it says “install again” when it’s not installed? It doesn’t tell you which software you have already installed. It doesn’t tell you from the massive menu of choices to download which of these are a/ already installed and b/ actually authorised. I just upgraded my Cubase to 11 Pro, and there’s absolutely nothing to tell you which additional files (Halion SE, its content, Spectral Layers etc) you need to download. So you open Cubase and wonder why half the content is not there. Logic X for example alerts you when you run the app. One would expect that if your license is for Pro, then it would automatically download everything for that licence - or at least flag the files you need to download. And of course it doesn’t tell you where it’s stored the files. Far easier to download and install directly, making the Assistant redundant (as any poor under-performing employee should be…)

The eLicenser software and Voicemeeter Virtual Cable were the only 2 pieces of software I have that didn’t work when I upgraded to Win11. I needed to actually uninstall the eLicenser, reboot, reinstall it, reboot, then it worked correctly.

Over the last six months, @Concha pops up every few weeks (though to be fair, it was September the last time they appeared, with this doozy of a thread, though who can also forget this one or this one or this one or this one…) – I’m joking, but I agree it’s not funny that anybody should have trouble installing our software.

Just as @Concha is doomed to repeat the same complaints over and over again, I suppose I am doomed to repeat the same response. Steinberg Licensing is almost here, and I am confident that it will be orders of magnitude easier to handle for end users than the eLicenser. Dorico 4 will make better use of Steinberg Download Assistant, and will have a single “Install” button in SDA that will download and install everything you need – plus there will be separate entries for people updating from Dorico 3.5 and those who are installing for the first time, so you don’t need to download large content sets again that you already have.

I agree with all of the criticisms that our users have of the installation and activation process for our products. We are working hard to improve them. Steinberg Licensing is a huge step forwards in that regard. Steinberg Download Assistant is by no means perfect but Dorico 4 will make the best possible use of its current capabilities to hopefully make the installation and activation of Dorico 4 a lot closer to being something you simply don’t need to think about.

Progress is being made, but it takes time.


…You’re having trouble re-installing Dorico, so you’re going to abandon 2 years worth of work?

I activated Win 11 today. It took me almost an hour to get Dorico reactivated because of confusion.

The Steinberg download screen was partially blocked, and windows was popping up their own screen in the process. And e licenser had disappeared. I thought there was icon for it my screen before 11, but don’t know where it went. Other than that… it went fine!

Just trying to recover my 100 plus scores written on Dorico. Otherwise, I would not install it ever again. My plan is to migrate all my music to Guitar pro. And drop Dorico for good.
1 Hour installing, still no luck.
“The selected Soft-eLicenser cannot be reactivated because it does not contain any license that is reactivatable.”
I bought Cubase and Dorico, but the e-licenser does not agree. The last I read from Daniel on installing after formating the PC was so long and complex I could hardly believe my eyes.
FRUSTRATING . Even installing the MS office, which is 100 times bigger and complexer than Dorico took 5 minutes.By far Dorico is the most frustrating software to install I ever encountered.

Finally, I made it, 1 hour and 15 minutes of my life wasted.
Opened Dorico, opened a score, guess what: no sound. Dorico won´t recognize my Steinberg UR22, which I bought years back, as suggested in this forum, just to avoid sound problems right?
Went to the driver´s dialogue, UR22 is simply not available. These issues I had so many times.
Every single app I need sound from, including You tube, Sibelius and Guitar Pro, connects right away.

There probably is a missing driver issue, since all this is probably related to your upgrade to W11…
Siento mucho todo el trabajo que has tenido con instalar Dorico — yo uso Mac y la verdad es que no recuerdo haber perdido más de diez o quinze minutos instalándolo. Y creo realmente que Daniel y su equipo han mejorado el proceso en Dorico 4, así que si quieres volver, sabes que estaremos aquí para ayudarte cuando lo necesites :wink:

Gracias Mark, all the best.

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