W8.1 and MOTU MicroLite

Hello All,

I have recently purchased a new PC running W8.1 with N6.0.7. I am not really sure where to turn for this issue, so hopefully, someone here can guide me.

When I perform a fresh install of my MicroLite, and open Nuendo, Nuendo will recognize the interface and I have no issues. I turn off the computer for the night and return the next day. However, Nuendo will not recognize the MicroLite anymore. I have to uninstall and reinstall the driver, so that Nuendo will recognize it.

In Summary,

My MOTU MicroLite isn’t being recognized by Nuendo as an option for MIDI. The drivers are installed properly. The PC recognizes the MicroLite in Device Manager. It is just in Nuendo where it is not being seen.

Can anyone please offer any ideas?

So, noone has had this type of issue?

I have attempted several things:

Using a 2.0 Usb port
Using a 3.0 Usb port
Installed the oldest driver
Installed the newest driver
Swapped usb cables

I’m just not sure what to do next. The PC recognizes the unit. It is Nuendo that is not registering that the MicroLite is installed. Please help…anyone.

I had this issue with Win-XP after their last updates. Everytime the PC is rebooted it drops the Motu driver.
I never did find a solution to fix it. The only 2 choices I had were to never turn off the PC or be prepared to load the driver after any reboot. I had a shortcut to the driver on the desktop.

I use and RME interface. The guys at Synthax (USA’s RME tech support/distributor) sent me this link
Since it is specifically about Win-XP it may not pertain to your problem or not. I don’t know if Win-8 has rewritten how it handles things. You might search RME’s site or Motu or just google Win-8 issues to see if anything pops up. I know that when I edited the registry I introduced some instability. But shortly after the mother board died, the RME failed, and I ended up on a new Win-7 system (and no dropped driver issues).

If you find anything let us know, I still have an XP system that continues to drop the driver. Oh !!! and by the way, I also loose WDM audio so I cannot hear audio from web browsers until I load the Motu driver. Maybe this has to do with a WDM issue?


Thanks, I will take a look into this. Hopefully, I don’t screw up my computer, as I try not to tinker.

I recently got also a new PC with Win8.1 and installed the MicroLite after years of flawless connection to a Mac.
It works with the PC but yes, I once experienced the same as you, microlite was not visible in Nuendo. I suspected my very long USB connection, I run 8 meters from the PC to a powered cheap USB hub, which supplies the MicroLite with power. So I disconnected and reconnected the USB cable from the ML and restarted Nuendo, and it was running again. Never had the issue again, but I do not use ML daily, if it comes back I will let you know.