WA12 and MR816 issue - please help.

I’m having some trouble with my new external pre and the MR816. When I’m using the Hi-Z input there seems to be far too much gain causing it to clip.

I’ve got it hooked up like this.

WA12 via TRS -> Line insert MR816 (Chanel two, rear panel half inserted to bypass pre) -> Guitar -> WA12 front Hi-Z.

I can’t use the front pannel Hi-Z at all, and I really want to be able to drive the pre to get a nice tone. Any help would be appreciated.

Hold down the PAD button on the MR, hit the quick connect button above the gain control to ENABLE the PAD button since you are going in at LINE LEVEL and not mic level. Any line level signal going into the MR needs the PAD on

make sure that the HI Z is turned OFF on the channel one input if thats what your using

Once you get a recording done please let me know what you think of the WARM unit as Im looking at it as well

I do believe the INSERT on the MR is UNBALANCED .

Heres what I do here:

  1. Plug the pre amp out into any of the MR’s line inputs.
  2. Engage the PAD on the channel
  3. Turn the input gain all the way down

I dont notice anything from the MR pre coming through, doesn’t affect it IMO

Hope this helps man

Hey mate, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately i’ve already tried that. I’m bypassing the Pres on the MR816 and using the Pad on the WA12 but still get clipping.

If I was to connect it using the PAD on the MR I’d also have to engage the PAD on the WA12 just to use the front pannel Hi - Z which seems a little weird…

However it’s fine if you use the Rear XLR / Jack input. The front panel Hi z seems a little too hot and unusable. I’m still waiting for Warm Audio to get back to me on it. Other than that, it sounds amazing using mics.

Here’s a quick vid of what I’m doing…


  1. Are you monitoring THROUGH Cubase or are you using the MR console to monitor your inputs?

  2. IF your using the MR Console to monitor your inputs you can pull down the fader in the MR console

  3. IF your monitoring THROUGH Cubase and not using the MR Console then the input volume is TOTALLY controlled by the output gain on your WA12.

  4. Is your guitar running straight into the WA12 or do you have it going into something before that?

  5. If your using a plugin VST for your guitar sound then its probably a gain staging issue.

IF your using the HIGH Z input on the WA12 then you should come out of the WA12 line level into a line level input on the MR. I don’t use the inserts here, I go directly into the input on the MR , pad it and turn the gain on it all the way down. Try that. Also, the INSERT jack is in fact UNBALANCED, you’d want to use an unbalanced insert cable

I’ve tried all that and I’m still getting the issue.

The only thing I can think of is the WA12 has Balanced outs, where as the MR has unbalanced inputs? So I’d need a TRS to TS? Surely that couldn’t make THAT much of a difference?

Like I said, if you go Balanced out TRS on the WA12 to TRS on the line input on the MR and PAD the input on the MR you should be OK. IMO the INSERT on the MR is giving you the issue. I never use it here, no need IMO

MRs inputs are balanced or unbalanced depending what you plug into it, it will do both. HOWEVER the INSERTS are UNBALANCED Balanced is +4 dBU, Unbalanced is -10 dBV so its a big gain difference.

I come out of an ASHLY line mixer balanced into the MR line inputs and you still have to PAD the input channel as the gain is too hot.

You could try a TRS to TS cable going into the MR insert and see

Page 7 , number 8 in the manual

INSERT I/O jack 1 and 2 (INSERT IN)
TRS phone type, unbalanced
0 dBu
+14 dBu

Same problem even if I don’t use inserts :frowning:

Check the vid.

Back to my original question?

  1. Are you monitoring THROUGH Cubase meaning your turning on the MONITOR button on the track?

  2. OR are you monitoring with the track monitor button turned off on the track and using the MR console?

  3. Guitar is plugged directly into the WA12 yes?

  4. Do you have a guitar plugin or any other plugins inserted on that track?

I see the issue. You shouldn’t be clipping now at all. What guitar are you using?

Heck the PAD I think drops it 30 dB on the MR

Almost seems like the unit has an issue

Another option would be to plug your guitar into a DI box if you have one and come out of that into the Warm mic input

I’m monitoring it through cubase with the track armed so I can hear it distorting through my speakers, only got my speakers off and using me headphones in the video coz of misses being in bed.

No inserts on the channel, that’s the pure signal. Guitar is plugged into the WA12 hi-z front panel. Tried other instruments too, bass, acoustic etc… still getting the same problem.

The is a rear xlr / jack input on the back, using that is fine. The signal isn’t as hot. Just the front panel is…

Weird man , the HI Z input is FOR guitars and bass.

I just plugged my Strat directly into the HiZ on the MR with my guitar volume cranked on the double hum bucker, no issue
I also plugged it half way into the insert on channel 1, again, no issue.

I can’t imagine the WA12 being that HOT

Sounds like your HI Z input is hosed up to me

Does your guitar have ACTIVE pickups in it?