Wacom pad and SpectraLayers

I prefer to use a Wacom pad with my mac (and that makes sense for a graphically oriented app like SpectraLayers).

The cursor position, selecting tools, and parameter controls along the top of the window are all controllable with the pen.

the overview selection area and the spectrograph don’t respond to pen (ie mouse) clicks at all.

Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change, or does the Wacom not work at all with SL?


(I’m also finding that the magic mouse surface is a bit too overreactive with SL - I keep accidentally zooming the spectrograph vertically and horizontally with the slightest graze of a finger. Maybe I should dig out an old cabled mouse with a scroll wheel)

I have a Huion Kamvas surface, and it does work with SLpro7 in terms of selection of tools and selection of frequencies. But it seems a little quirky at times. Slight delay. And I do notice that with slider boxes, such as when changing Amplitude in the 'amplitude process, I cant change from 0 to 5 db increase, but the little keyboard opens and I can type in the number. Then the ‘left’ click with the pen on ‘okay’ works fine.

So a bit of a learning curve when using the Kamvas. How much I will be using the Huion Kamvas with SLpro7 may be limited for now.

I didn’t see any specific settings in SLpro7 or in the Huion interface that would be specific to spectral editing. I will keep trying it out intermittently.

My Huion 1060Pro+ seems to work fine though have not fully tested it.

Yes, unfortunately wacom pad support on mac is not fully functionnal at the moment. Current plans are to improve this for patch 3.
The magic mouse surface/trackpad surface zoom sensitivity is also something that will likely be addressed in patch 3.

Great news. IMHO it’s much more intuitive (and easier on my wrists) to use an art pad instead of a mouse.

Hopefully, this gets fixed soon. Sound restoration with a tablet, is much faster and detailed when you are used to it. Please fix this soon!!!

It still don´t work in SL 7.3

I can’t believe wacom is still not working with spectra layers. I´m demoing Spectra Layers right now.Since there is an option for choosing pressure sensitivity I bought a Wacom Tablet for working faster with Spectra Layers just to find out it doesn’t work. How is this possible, I mean Wacom is one of the biggest player in tablet-world, I´m pretty disappointed this is not working! kind regards Wolfger

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And yes, I think Spectra Layers is spectacular, I´m amazed what it can do. just disappointed about an 170.- Euro obsolet investment into an Wacom tablet.

After years/decades of careful penciling my way thru the waves with a mouse using Sound Forge, from the early versions of Spectralayers release, I have been eager to apply such detail to the spectral domain. They are the kind of software-hadware developments converging so naturally, that one appears as designed for the other and viceversa.

A couple of years ago finally found a timed Wacom sale in tune with my budget, so acquired one. BTW it comes with superb drawing/painting software included.

Therefore the last bridge seems about to be built. Robin has proven to be responsive and ultimately given time, he delivers, so I am applying a trait that has proven to be useful at the Audio world; exerting patience while being vocal at the appropriate place and time.

I am happy to see we are forming a Wacom pad users “group” here.
*Robin, you’ll enjoy this pad experience. The physical product and support feels like the fruit of another time where quality and high level of support is a given and its price is totally reasonable and accessible.

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