Wacom tablet mouse button behaviour

I use a Wacom Intuos tablet as a mouse. Has been perfect for me but lately the button behaviour is terrible. For instance it is so difficult to open a plugin in the mixer. And it seems to have gotten worse. Dubble clicking on a audio file to open the audio editor is also getting difficult.
With track pad it works fine.
The tablet also works fine in other applicaions.
Is there an other Wacom user having the same experience?
I am sofar working on Cubase 8.5 and upgrading to 9.


Yes, I was using Wacom Cintiq in the past and unfortunately it was the same with Cubase (7 these days).

I wonder whether it is related to mac or that PC users are suffering also. Any PC and tablet users?

Actually I have a touch screen in Windows machine and it’s almost impossible to open Key Editor by double click.

I read some articles and it seems if you are using pen (for example with Microsoft Surface), it’s better because this is more like a real mouse.

Unfortunately Cubase is not touch screens ready.