Wagner: Siegfried's Funeral March

As my idea of fun, I thought I’d type up the music for Siegfried’s Funeral March - partly to hear what NotePerformer would make of it, and partly as an exercise in music that’s outside my usual rep.

Also, someone was talking recently about the utility of having sample scores for testing speed issues, etc.

Anyway, here are the notes. I’ve not really done much with the layout. One problem is that Dorico only condenses the first instrument of a Single Player, and I’ve put all the different transpositions of Horns, Trumpets, etc, into one Player each. I leave better solutions as an exercise to the reader. :grin:

I used the Eulenberg score that’s on IMSLP, and consulted the Peters full opera score to check for errors and clarifications (of which there were several).

Wagner Siegfried Funeral.dorico (1.9 MB)

And here’s the NP rendering (Excerpt.)


Well done, Ben!

Bravissimo, W NotePerformer! :wave:

Thank you very much. I heard it on my PC in Dorico and NP. Really sounds good.

Excellent! Thank you. This will really help me adjust Note Performer or VSL balances (and is good for study). Much appreciated.

Might make an interesting study to see how the new NP does with this on BBC SO core or the like. (Will have to be someone else; I don’t have any fancy libraries.)

Here’s the BBCSO Pro rendering (I confess I gently used two compressors in series to tame the dynamics down a bit, Amek mastering compressor and Elysia alpha master, they’re quite transparent and do the job perfectly AFAI am concerned) :
Wagner Siegfried Funeral notes - Trauermusik beim Tode Siegfrieds BBCSO Pro

BBCSO Core doesn’t have several of the instruments – Wagner horns and Cor anglais. I found the timpani repeated notes less believable than NP alone.

Just for comparison, here is CSS (with BBC Core percussion). The only change here from the default NPPE template is replacing the default reverb with Altiverb Berlin Philharmonie and activating Pitch Contour Emphasis

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Here’s my same file rendering with VSL Synchron Prime :
Wagner Siegfried Funeral notes - Trauermusik beim Tode Siegfrieds VSL Synchron Prime

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Let me share my rendering from NPPE with HOOPUS:

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Very grateful for this. I’m curious to know how long it took. And, whatever the answer, how would it compare to doing it with a scanning program and correcting all the errors?

Here’s mine with NP4, NPPE + Synchron Prime. No tweaks. Just loaded the sounds and let her go. Cool piece. Thanks for all your work benwiggy!Dropbox - Wagner Siegfried Funeral notes - Flow 1.mp3 - Simplify your life

Here’s the Iconica Sketch version, (through NotePerformer).

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