Wah Wah pedal

I have a CI2+ interface. I want to use the wah on VST amp rack. Is there a pedal I need to get to make the wah work? any suggestions? Thanks a lot for any help!!

don`t know if there is a pedal, but you should be able to automate the movement when you left click and do the mouse up and down to get the treble to bass effect ,i know it sounds a bit naff but it should work. if you then look at the automation in the main window under the effected audio, you could re-draw in any bad bits.

I was able to go back and use automation! Thanks! I’ve never used that before! Whole new world!!!

If you have a MIDI keyboard with an Expression Pedal or Volume Pedal input, you can plug any compatible pedal into that. You can use the MIDI Learn function to assign the pedal to the effect.


how do you configure an expression pedal to use the wah?