Wah Wah, VST Amp Rack and MIDI REMOTE. Help me out a bit

Hello dear friends.

Yesterday I thought I’d plug-in the guitar and just jam a bit, to pass my time.

At first, I loaded up VST Amp and settled to a preset that had a wah. Great! Now how to control this wah? I create a midi track with ALL MIDI In as input. I have my keyboard, with an expression pedal hooked up. So theoretically, the CC message would go through to the track, and then by setting the MIDI track’s output to the Audio Track’s VST Amp plug-in I would get what I need. Well, I didn’t. First, I couldn’t find a way to tell the wah (in VSTamp’s pedal form) how to listen to a specific CC. I tried changing the CC by transformation from 11 to 4 and other numbers, nothing. In the end, I just assigned the wah to a quick control, but this would interfere with my current midi remote setup.

So, scratch that. I unload the VST amp rack, and go for just a wah wah insert plug-in. In the meantime, I add the expression pedal as a “Modulation” Element on the surface script. I fire up the plug-in, and as long as the plug-in is IN FOCUS I can use the wah.

Surely there must be an easier way to do all this? I understand assigining parameters to a hardware controller, but is there a way to directly talk to plug-in parameters from MIDI, bypassing all the fluff?


What about to use the Focus Quick Controls?

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I did that. But maybe I’m getting confused here. Let me explain:

I have the Xtouch Compact controlling up to 84 parameters of any plug-in IN FOCUS, directly, for mixing purposes and general “off-line” usage. I haven’t gone for quick controls.

I also have the keyboard with an expression pedal and a sustain pedal. I would like to use the expression pedal as MIDI data, as if it was part of the performance, not as an automation parameter. And in the insert plug-in’s case (Wah Wah, under Filter) there are options for the source of control (Automation, MIDI, etc) But in the VST Amp, nothing happens when I right click on the wah wah pedal. The only way is to go through the VST’s parameters, assign to QC etc…

Is this because the VST Amp Rack is an audio VST, while for example in HAlion (where I can right click and learn CCs) is an instrument? I find it needlessly complex. It’s a guitar plug-in after all. :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I would say, the reason is more the VST Amp is an old plug-in and the right-click option was not implemented in the time.

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Ah, never thought of that. Thanks Martin!