Waht is the fastest way to remove an insert from a slot?

since Cubase 10.5 scrolling in the plugin selector window has become painfully slow, so what I did so far - clicking the triangle, scrolling with the mousewheel quickly to the top and selecting “no effect” - has become an exercise in exhausting index finger movement on the mouse wheel and most likely lead to tendonitis or some thing…
So what are other ways to remove a plugin? I know I can use the “del” key when the rack is in focus and the slot selectet (or i can move around with tha cursor keys to the correct slot and hit del), that’s very quick, but if the rack is not in focus, I need to click on the slot and that opens the plugin window.
Sadly, there is no context menu entry for removing a plugin.
Any ideas? How do you remove inserts?

In inspector or edit window view, just drag it out and it disappears.

If you have the same plugin in the same slot in various channels, you can remove them all with few clicks if you select the channels you want and have Q-Link engaged. Delete one and they all disappear (open dropdown menu and select “no effect”).

It doesn’t need to be the same plugin, it only needs to be the same slot.

Cool, thanks, I didn’t know that. Also works in the mixer if you just drag the plugin e.g. to the top of the screen.
I knew about removing multiple with Q-Link (Q-Link is awesome!).

What would be nice to have: If you insert a plugin with QLink on multiple channels, all the plugin windows open, which depending on the plugin can take some time. An option to insert an effect without opening the GUI would be handy there…

Hit the small down-arrow of the inserted plug-in you wisch to remove -> hit hit without looking at the select box at all -> insert slot is empty!

Brilliant, even faster, thanks a mil!