Wait for audio engine initialization

Is this bug ever going to be fixed? It’s been what? 4 years that people have been complaining about it. I still find myself using Sibelius most of the time because I can open it, do something creative and close it in less time time than it takes Dorico to open.

It’s not one bug as such but a symptom of when something is bringing down the audio engine. This could be Dorico itself , but most of the time it is some 3rd party plug-in that is crashing us.
But in order to find out exactly we need a diagnostics report of Dorico which will also gather crash files from the last few days.
Therefore, when you manage to get to Dorico’s hub window again, choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks very much.

Ok. But here’s the thing: I could do this forever; I don’t want to keep doing this. Cubase and Nuendo don’t have this problem. Same plugins, with software from the same vendor (Steinberg). I’ve had Dorico since V3 and this has always been a problem. At the same time, I’ve been using Cubase Pro and Nuendo where this has NEVER been a problem.

I don’t understand how you don’t see this as a bug. You’re literally the same company that makes other software where this doesn’t happen and you’re the company who came out with the VST standard in the first place.

I’m just baffled that this can be allowed to happen.

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Then a solution will likely elude you. It’s not as if the Tech Team have nothing to do but play guessing games with you.

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Sure, whenever something is crashing, that is a bug, but if a third party plug-in is bringing down the audio engine, then it is a bug within that plug-in and there is nothing we can do about it. Only the plug-in developer can fix it. And it is not a matter of allowing something to happen, it’s simply that we can’t do anything about it except telling the 3rd party about it so they may fix it.
I take a look at every crash dump that I’m receiving, because I do want to improve the situation for our users, but I do depend on receiving the mentioned diagnostics reports. So please send me to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

And no, I’m not only blaming 3rd parties, there are also sometimes bugs within our audio engine or in Dorico as well. But again, we need diagnostics reports resp. crash dumps in order to fix things. Believe me, we take crashes really serious and look into every crash dump we receive.


It is interesting because I’ve only had this issue with Dorico, not with any other DAWs, and I’ve used several over the years on various machines (Cubase, Logic, PT, and Ableton). Dorico was giving me this issue (hanging on audio initialization) on my previous machine, and now that I recently upgraded to a brand new computer (MacStudio M2), it’s happening right away with an entirely fresh install of everything (Dorico and all new plugins). However, none of the other softwares I’ve installed have done this, Cubase included.

So I’m just saying, there must be some issue with Dorico which is causing this, enough for it to be a consistent complaint from various users across various types of machines over the years - if there is a common thread there, it would appear Dorico needs a fix to solve this problem, since it’s not a problem elsewhere. I think it would at least be appreciated if the Dev team were to look at it more seriously, rather than assume along the lines of a stock response, that it must be to blamed on 3rd party plugins, because if enough people have reported this issue, there must be something which can be done.

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Have you submitted a Diagnostics report? Unless you do so, you are unlikely change your current situation. And you are not contributing data to enable the team to resolve the issue.

As a matter of fact I have attempted to do so but it’s been so far unsuccessful.