Wait of the World - Orchestra/Choir track

Hi! I’m new to this forum, but have been using Cubase for about a year now and loving it. I created this track for Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers competition using Storm Choir as the featured vst. I’d love to hear your thoughts.




Welcome and good luck! Sounds like the big orchestral/choral thing you were after; very successful! I can see it in a movie.

Killer composition, the crescendo at ending was great. Good mix also…WHat samples are you using?

Well…if I was told this was a Hanz Zimmer composition I would not argue…well done, really good work…Kevin

Well it pretty much is if you listen to the original that this is based from. That being said the competition is to rearrange/recompose the given composition provided by Zimmer and on those grounds I think is certainly one of the better arrangements. I don’t wish to listen to all entries, but I’ve heard some that have quite literally just downloaded the string, vocal and brass stems and put a different beat or a louder pulsing synth over it, which is rather fail.

The choir adds a lot and does sound great; and Strezov’s Choir library certainly has a much more detailed sound than the old EWQL library. The shaping of the expression and mix both sound solid too though it’s lacking a bit on the ‘curveball and adventurous’ sides that the competition description asked for. Good luck with the competition.

Ok…my bad…thought it was an original composition…I’ll pay more attention in future…Kevin

Hey Kyle , lovely work . I really enjoyed some of your 8dio’s demos , especially when using the choir , wonderful libraries :slight_smile: Good luck !!!

Awesome !!!

Choirs simply stunning