Wait till the end of the bar before changing playback?

Hello all

I love Cubase but there are a few things that Ableton Live does that I wish Cubase would… namely…

Suppose I’m playing an arrangement and I want to see how one section fits with another. I could cut and paste and drag etc and check it out, but in Abeton I’d just wait until the final bar of section 1 and click the beginning of section2. Ableton would wait until the end of the bar and then pickup playback on the first beat of section 2. If it sounds good I’ll start moving parts around - if it sounds bad I’ve wasted only 5 seconds of my life.

Can Cubase do this? As far as I’ve seen playback just instantaneously when I click on the timeline, which rarely sounds good.

Any ideas?


Aloha J, and yes.
‘Play Order’

Play Order Track
the Cubase Play Order Track, introduced in Cubase SX3. It is an elegant reintroduction of the pattern-based concept, but this time, running within the modern timeline-based sequencer. Although there are still a few features I wish Steinberg had had the sense to include or improve (see the ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ box) it is nonetheless the best such solution I’m aware of, by quite a distance.

Find that info here:

Are we talking about the arranger track?

Aloha J and yes ma bad.

I just checked my C5 and C6 apps and it is now called the
‘Arranger Track’.

When SX3 came out I used it for a year or so in ‘live’
settings. I always new it as ‘Play Order’.

In any event I believe the 'Arranger Track is the closest thing in Cubase
about which Julius was asking.