Waïti Studios - SHIFT (Acid/Jazz/Jungle/More) - France

Hi all,

Here is a track recorded live (and a few overdubs), mixed and mastered in Nuendo 6.5 here in the South of France at Waïti Studios, these young guys are really talented. Hope you like it, let us know what you think !


Analog outboard -> RME converters -> Nuendo 6.5 -> UAD plugins


Cool, very Snarky Puppy-ish :slight_smile:
Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting!

Truly loved this. These guys can play. Great trumpet solo. But more to the point, it’s an excellent recording.

Great track. Great musicians.

This is absolutely first class. The drums sound superb, both the playing but also the captured sound - lovely recording. That is some seriously funky and fluid harmony sax and trumpet. Great playing all round, very tight.Any more?


Thanks for the positive feedback guys, this is their first released track ever, we did a one-day tracking session and they laid down 4 or 5 tracks out of memory, this one is the only one mixed so far (first mix from my assistant Martin !). They’re currently booking gigs and plan to come back to the studio to mix/record other tracks !
I’ll keep you posted here :slight_smile:


Yes, wonderful track – I especially dug the drum sound – tight, yet organic. Superb! :sunglasses:

Hi All, I had forgotten that these guys had made a second video !

Here it is :


Best Regards

What a pleasant reminder from 2016! Lovely track again, beautiful playing all round, a great song.


Great stuff Yannick!