Waiting For Video Service

On loading & closing projects in Cubase 9 (MacBook Pro, OSX 10.9.5) I get the message:
Waiting For Video Service
There’s an option to “Abort” I click it. The program ‘hangs’ for a while, then gives the message:
"The video service for displaying video with a dedicated video output device stopped working. This may affect the video playback. Please save your project and restart the application."
I click “OK” …the project then loads / closes.

Any idea what this is about? How do I stop it happening?

check your ststem quicktime components folder for out-of-date/unnecessary components you can remove?

like others here (try search) i worked around this well-known issue by duplicating the cubase application and deleting the video engines from inside the app contents. then I used this version of the app on any project that didn’t require video.

Sad but true .

Thanks for that. I’m trying those suggestions.