Waking Dolls [Single]


The EP “Waking Dolls”, a more welcoming, seductive and punchy sound than what PLASTIK KOFFINS has released yet.

The main track of the same name than the EP, a 8 minutes long single track with a touch of snuff movie. Percussive harsh snares and heavy basses to support some melodic lines and an eerie yet comfortable ambience.

“Waking Dolls” has a Lounge and EBM feeling, wraped under Industrial Techno vibes.

Well, your definitely not following any rules of music and good for you , again a powerful foray into an eclectic post industrial shock and awe piece to blast ones ears into the next millenium.

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Thanks for your appreciation!

By the way “Waking Dolls” is now part of a mini-album of the same name, including a total of 5 tracks. All, and the above track is not an exception, are remixed and remastered.