Walk me through how to print a score

Hi Guys,

I’ve never printed a score before, mainly because most of my work has been live recordings rather than midi but recently I’ve been doing a lot of keyboard work and a pianist wants the score so they can learn the song that way. I can find the score I just can’t get it to print. I’m on a windows 7 machine using cubase 6. I can’t seem to save the score or do anything. When I go to the print it keeps sending it into page mode and the whole score tries to fit into 4 pages and it can’t be read. that’s as close as I’ve gotten. I’ve got this lovely score of 7 midi tracks rolling acorss my screen but no simple way of printing it out. I’ve been here for an hour or two going through just about every setting possible and just can’t quite grasp what I am to do. It seems so simple go to export and choose scores but it is greyed out and no matter what I try (Selecting all and many other things) it doesn’t work? I have no printer at home so I would need to export it as a pdf or something so that I can export it?

Please help, anyone :slight_smile:

First, you do need to be in Page Mode to print or export the score. Page Mode is the display that shows how the score will look when actually printed. So you want to make sure the score looks the way you want in Page Mode before printing or exporting. Exporting the score saves the currently displayed page as an image file, one type supported, among several, is PDF. So 5 pages means 5 image files, which is kind of a drag. However you can print to a PDF file if you have a program that does that - google “print to PDF.” I use PDFLite to do this. It works well and appears as a printer on your PC. But when you select to print to it, it prompts for a file name instead. Manual P744 covers printing and exporting.

Not sure about your 4 pages issue. How many pages do you think it should be? With the score open in page mode try going into Score Settings and in the Layout tab see if your size is set to 100%

(Quick method :wink:… ) While in Page mode, select the first staff, then go to Scores menu>Auto Layout>“Optimize All” (or “Move Bars and Staves” will probably do just as well :wink: ), and experiment with the “Distance” values, to your liking… although it might well be perfectly satisfactory left at the default settings).

Thanks Guys.

It’s a 6 minute piece it seemed to be somewhere close to ten pages if the layout was anything to go by (I didn’t actually count them). When I get home from work this evening I’ll give your suggestions a go and let you know how I went. Thanks for posting


Thanks to you both. It worked I know have a nice score of piano all printed out. Greatly appreciative of your help

Cool :slight_smile: