Walkthrough independent voice playback?

Hello! I am working on an orchestral score with a complex 5-part Contrabass divisi section. I couldn’t get the dynamics to play back independently, even after adding dynamics to all divisi staves with Note Input active, then Alt+Enter to input dynamics on separate parts.

After some searching, I find a lot of reference to turning on Independent Voice Playback, but can’t seem to find it in the Play window. My Play window for contrabasses looks as follows:

Sorry for the basic question, but can someone walk me through what I’m missing here?

Forgot to mention: using Dorico Pro 4.0!

Any reason you’re not using 4.3? I think there may be new features for independent voices in some of the updates.

Thank you - will update and see if that helps.

Amazing, looks like that function was added sometime between 4.0 and 4.3. Crazy that this wasn’t clearer to me from all the documentation and searching. Thank you.