WANT! But which ones??

Just got the email from Steinberg this AM and I already have email out to GCPro to get some of these. I was an advocate of an iPad touchscreen controller app, but the prices on these are drool-then-impulse-buy-worthy.

But which ones do I get first?

I think the transport control and channel control are must-haves.

The others all look pretty nice… but I need to think harder about which of the others I need. I am pretty used to using my keyboard as drum pads, and don’t use the steinberg EQs very much, so those seem a little less attractive. Need to play with the channel strip a bit more to know if 4 extra faders would make my life better than just 1.

So glad I didn’t buy the presonus faderport…

Nice looking Kit, Steinberg!

Just my opinion here, your needs/views will probably be different.

CH: I ordered this because the coordination of keyboard commands available and the selected channel is still clumsy.

QC: I ordered this because using a mouse for twiddling dials is ridiculous

TP: NO … Although I originally order this, I realized that I don’t need it. All of the functions are already easily accessed through my keyboard. They keyboard is actually a good interface for transport control.

AI: NO … Tried the original, didn’t like it. See no reason this would be better.

PD: NO … Don’t program drums this way and have a separate programmable controller already for macro type functions triggers

FD: NO … And a big head scratcher from the WTF zone. No pan or pan mode select? No scribble with at least a track number (it means we have to be looking at the screen and have the tracks being used visible)? No insert or send slot selector? etc… This unit makes no sense to me at all.

I’m kind of curious about the QC… I’m still not quite sure how I would use it. I’m interested that you want the QC but didn’t really like the AI knob at all. Aren’t they pretty similar? What didn’t you like about the AI knob that would be ok in the QC?

Do the QC or AI knobs work on 3rd party plugins?

The QC supposedly works just like the quick controls in C6. So I’m assuming that I’ll have the same level of control over 3rd VST (and hopefully a bit more) that Quick Controls provide. If not, I’ll send it back. I also want dedicated knobs per device. Being able to tweak synths major controls while playing is attractive to me if it is responsive enough.

The AI had a screwy mechanism for choosing which control you were going to edit. Sometimes that screwy method involved using the mouse WHICH DEFEATS THE FREAKIN ENTIRE REASON TO GET THE AI… sorry lost my mind there for a sec. The AI may have been improved over time, but I found it virtually useless when it first came out.

Well I went ahead and bought the CH, the TP, and The AI. I know i need the first two. The AI will be my “experiment” :slight_smile:

I can always add the QC later.

I’m waiting for v2 of the FD… if it has some nice improvements I’ll buy a big bank of those.

My QC and CH have shipped. Should get them Tuesday. Looking forward to messing around with them.

My 3 controllers arrive Wednesday, but they’re signature required (I didn’t catch that before they went on the truck)… so unless I’m lucky and my wife happens to be home, I’ll likely not have them in hand until the weekend.

I’m in the same boat. The FedX office is less than a mile from where I work, so all I do is have it fail the sig once and have them hold it. So, I’ll likely get it Wednesday.

Under the strange but true ways of the world, the guy that needs signatures comes during the day when everyone is at work. The guy that just drops stuff off comes after 4 when people could start being home to actually sign for packages.