Want Novation Launchpad MK2 & Pro support?

Hey everyone,

Some days ago I purchased Novation Launchpad MK2 with Ableton Live. If possible I would rather stay in Cubase than work in Live making beats and launching clips etc. The problem is that there is no Cubase support for Launchpad MK2 and Launchpad Pro. Not even Automap is supported.

So for now there is no way to get any kind of flashing RGB lights that the Launchpads support.

BUT, Novation has made it possible for programmers/advanced users to develop software etc. to communicate with the Launchpad by using System Exclusive Messages. Therefore I’m thinking of giving it a shot myself.

I just wonder how many would be interested in this possibility? The support for the lauchpad should be something like what is possible in FL Studio and whatever other suggestions there might be.

This is what I want to implement:


So what do you think?

Ok it seems like no one cares :wink:.


I just wonder, what exactly do you want to display on these pads by the color-coding?

Thanks for taking your time to comment :wink:.

What I want is to implement the same functionality for the user as have been done in FL Studio. If you look at this mapping there are besides all the nice flashing a purpose with it:


The colors have a functionality too giving the user hints about the functions. If a user play clips he can maintain control by having the pads change color through a song for example.

What I have in mind is full functionality as can be seen in hundreds of videos on youtube:

The first generation Launchpad:


thank you for your answer.

I own the 1st generation of Launch pad, it;s interesting alternative to the MIDI Keyboard for me (I’m playing always the same on the keyboard, because my hands just can play this, you know…). But I’m missing the Velocity, on the the 1st generation.

Now, I can understand the color-coding, you have in mind. In general, why not? :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Thanks for getting back. Im glad it’s clear now :slight_smile:. Just to make it clear it’s only the Pro version that has velocity sensivity. I have MK2 and that one is not velocity sensitive.

I also like the Launchpad for playing midi just as another kind of inspiration with the grid layout instead of the midi keyboard.

The reason why I’m thinking about do this is that I could imagine some Cubase/Ableton users switching back to Cubase only instead and other new Launchpad users that would be happy to be able to have full support in Cubase to the can use Cubase as their only daw. Else you have to bounce or use rewire or whatever. I think this would be much more convenient.

But it’s nice to know ahead if there is some interest in this. That would make me more motivated for sure :wink:.

Thanks - please vote :slight_smile:.

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I fully agree with this so much I’m willing to learn C++ to code this myself…almost?!

If they could integrate the Launchpad and also make it so we could step sequence drum parts (into Beat Designer?), a melodic sequencer, and also function as an alternate keyboard layout with scale correction ala Push, I’d never look at Live again…

I’ve got the Launchpad Pro, I wish we’d see some non-standard but equally popular controllers supported…

I do want to recommend (sorry Mac only) Five12’s Numerology which is vst and au also and directly supports most launchpad models inc Launchpad MK2 and the Pro within Cubase.


It takes time but with Bome Midi translator you can hook up Launchpad with Cubase.

I’ve set my LP mini as MCU for channel selection, solos, mutes, recs, transport and via Generic Remote notes for beat designer, track qc +/-10 value VSTi qc +/-10 value, insert bypass. And everything with LED feedback.

Since, you can send multiple messages I have one button, for instance, to open insert 3 and assign MCU instantly to that plugin.

It took some time though.

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I have recently purchased 3 Launchpad Minis MkII and am setting them up as 3 generic remotes in Cubase Pro.
Novation have sent me some initial system exclusive that at present I cannot get to work to e.g. switch LEDs on and off .

I think I need some sysex manufacture and device id’s in this instance.
I will be ringing Novation again tomorrow to try and get some more info that I can get my sysex strings correct.

Novation have told me that this is something that they don’t support (presumably as they are commercially commited to being symbiotic with Ableton ) but I will try and schmooze them for more info tomorrow.

I know I am close to getting my sysex to work.

One reference guide for those interested, that novation sent me can be found as follows :

Will update you all as to my findings.

I recommend getting Bome MIDI Translator Pro to do this. Email Steven Caldwell at bome@sniz.biz
He will set it up for you for a small fee. I just had 3 Launch Pad minis set up to control everything in Cubase and it works really well. With Bome you can send 20 different CC’s with different values with one press of one pad, Select tracks, control macros. It might take a while to get your head around but I recommend it highly to any MIDI composer.

Thanks for info. Bome looks like a way forward for me. Have waited a week to hear from focusrite novation and I get impression they are holding back on further info. will advise if otherwise

It’s very sad that such a ubiquitous controller as the Launchpad series still has no cubase support.

Steinberg introduced the MIDI-remote with Cubase 12 for the same purpose.

I just use reaktor to light up my launchpads.

But then I don’t use mine for music creation, but as a way to run macros and the transport.

Has anyone mapped out a launch pad in Cubase? It would be great to have a use for this controller with my rig

Yep. I can get the new midi remote thing to work, it breaks Cubase.

But have my launchpad working with cubase to control various things (transport, jump to marker, solo, mute, add tracks, save etc)

I decided to go with an app on iPad called meta grid pro already has cubase template and other DAWs super cool and easy. Not using my launchpad but I hear it is great with Ableton

Hey there. Can you share the scripts? They would be of great help