Want quarter then eighth rest

I would like to force the dotted quarter rest on beat 3 to a quarter rest followed by an eighth rest before the eighth note. Tried forcing rhythm but still get this.
dotted quarter to Quarter eighth rest

I guess this is an xml import, because that would not be the default behavior. Have you tried to remove force duration on every bit of this bar? Maybe there’s an option in Notation options that allows dotted rests? Check this out too!
[Edit] Sorry, I realize I misread your post. This is actually difficult to write with Dorico because it’s not the correct way of writing it. But explicit rests and force duration allow you to write anything so it’s the right path to achieve your goal!

You can also just input explicit rests. Select the note value that you want but press comma, and then input any note, but a rest will appear instead. (And the rest icon will be lit in the left panel.)

And don’t forget to turn in force duration when you do it.

But double check the notation options first as @MarcLarcher says.

Unfortunately, this is not an imported XML. I am attempting to recreate a handwritten score to learn Dorico. I have tried forcing rhythms for the entire measure. I have also entered into Notation options and have not been able to get this to change.

That finally did it. I was using space to enter rests, not “,”. Thanks


Just to add another option:
Select the dotted rest, press the “O” key, press the “.” key.