Want to buy VSTs via online shop but is not possible

I’m interested in downloading and buying the Absolute VST Instrument Collection with the Cubase 7 discount, however there is no apparent option to do this via the Online Shop, despite this webpage’s advertising:

I was tempted to lodge an support email, but as this is not really a technical problem, but more a sales issue, so I’ve baulked at doing so. A strange business model Steinberg are following. A diminished opportunity to sell a product.

hi there,

try this link, that should work:


Hi Melanie

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that link (in my Chrome browser) only seems to have a link to a list of distributors - which in Australia is Yamaha. There is no mention of a discount for Cubase owners, either on the Yamaha site or on the websites of the miniscule list of resellers who actually carry Steinberg software.

I would appreciate some response from the Steinberg sales team. So far no answer to an email.


It seems this page now has the Cubase owners discount applied with the download link provided after purchase:

I dont know why Steinberg make it so confusing.