Want to contribute an example project to be included with Dorico?

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and am finally getting around to (after one last prod from somebody trying out Dorico and looking for example projects) is adding a set of example projects to a default Dorico installation so that a new user has some files already listed in the Steinberg Hub ready for them to open up and take a look at when they run the program for the first time.

Thomas Hewitt Jones has kindly agreed to allow us to distribute his DORICOverture piece, which we commissioned from him for the launch event back in October last year, but we would welcome any other contributions.

If there is a project you have worked on that you would be happy to contribute and would like thousands of new Dorico users to see, please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and include your project. I’m sorry to say that we are unable to offer payment for any example projects you contribute, but we will of course ensure that there is full credit shown in the project itself, including any contact information you would like to have included. You will need to sign a release form that officially grants us permission to redistribute your work.

Suitable projects should not use any custom text or music fonts, so that they will open and look correct on any system. It’s OK to use non-default text fonts, but please make sure they are standard fonts likely to be installed on any computer (e.g. Arial, Times, etc.).

We would be very glad to see projects that show off any of Dorico’s unique features, such as open meter, polymeter or interchangeable/alternating time signatures, use of multiple flows and music frames, chord symbols, piano pedaling, etc.

We plan to include an initial set of example projects in the next minor update, so if you have a project you would like to share, please contact me as soon as possible. We will certainly consider rotating the example projects in future versions too, so if you aren’t ready now but would like to contribute a project in future, then send it over to me any time.

Thanks very much!

I like that idea … somewhat related, I’d also like something similar to James Huberstone’s book “Sibelius Notation Essentials”, with sample projects (which was later axed by Avid). That would help me and others get started fast.

Or maybe just the sample projects that are included with Sibelius.


Thank you Peter Roos for providing the above reference. I’ve watched James Huberstone’s video presentation of his “Sibelius Notation Essentials” course on his page as well as on Youtube. I’d have found it really helpful if I had Sibelius. Something similar to that would be really greatly helpful in learning Dorico hands-on.
Thank you Daniel & team for suggesting it & for implementing such very helpful idea at the suitable time.


I am thinking of submitting one of mine but I have to send my score to someone in the following early September for proofreading.
Also, it just sounds “acceptable as a rough demo” with Dorico built-in HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

Here is the audio demo made with EW Steinway B, EW Hollywood Strings Gold and Vienna Special Collection vol. 01:

I am working on a Russian Balalaika Book and would like to contribute! How do I do that? Thanks!

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