Want to get Dorico Pro 5, 3 questions

  1. I am a student, what proof will be required/what classes/how strict is eligibility for an educational version? I am a music student.
  2. I already have Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Was purchased fairly recently, will have 2 licenses. Can I return the original or do anything with it since I will be getting a second one.?
  3. Since the store is down, can I do this with a reseller?

Welcome to the forum @Monado, I’m sure someone will have an answer for you soon. As far as #2 is concerned, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you can do about it.

  1. You will need to submit proof of enrolment into your current course at whatever institution at which you are enrolled.
  2. No, you can’t return your original license if you’ve already activated the software, I’m afraid.
  3. Yes, you can buy from a reseller.

Can the HSO license be transferred to a friend or something?
Also any word on Steinberg’s store coming back?

Yes, in principle it can be transferred to another user: you’d need to contact our support team for assistance with that.

The new Steinberg online shop will be “soft launched” tomorrow (users will be contacted by email if they are invited to purchase at a discount during this period) and reopened fully before the end of this coming week.


Nice to read!

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How do I get on that list? I have purchases I would love to make

There’s no way to get onto the list directly, I’m afraid. But, as I’ve said, you only need to wait a few more days before the shop will be fully reopened in any case.


Will things be discounted for everyone at that point? Or is there anything special to look forward to?

No, not at the point that the shop reopens, but we anticipate that the usual kinds of sales promotions that we run from time to time will also return once the shop has reopened.

OK, well I hope that if the soft open is random, I am lucky!