want to install 6.5. no download link

copied from another thread because it was message no. 300-something on that one! : ok. bought the 6.5 update a few weeks ago but decided to finish a large project before installing. now today i sat down to install. but, my download is corrupted. went to steinberg account and there is no download link to 6.5. (reading small print says it times out after 14 days)…can somebody give me a link? thanks

You can always contact asknet and request another link.

yes. but since i paid for the update and received a dodgy link which has expired, i hoped somebody from steinberg or another user who knows i’m a legitimate user would point me in the direction of a direct link that would allow me to use what i bought without a lengthy begging process!. ed

Unfortunately, there is no direct link. There is the grace period link, but I don’t know if it’ll work for you.
Could try PMing a mod.

have found that i also downloaded the files to my laptop separately for safety. i’ll try using those files. the filesize looks a lot bigger so i’m hopeful the download was complete.

I had a similar thing with the 6.5 download, I popped asknet an email and a couple of hours later I got another download link. Good fast response.

thanks. will try that if my laptop download fails.ed