Want to purchase Nuendo 12 via crossgrade from Cubase Pro 12. Can I Keep Both Licenses?

What’s the answer here? I love the Steinberg ecosystem—and really would like Nuendo 12 for purchase.

I just want to make sure “crossgrade” from Cubase 12 to Nuendo 12 means addition, and not “upgrade” per say. I would really love to keep my Cubase license as well.


Nuendo does everything that Cubase does. And it will load Cubase projects.

If you’re worried about passing projects to Cubase users, Cubase will also open Nuendo projects but of course incompatible things will be filtered out.

So there’s really no need to worry about keeping both.


Yeah—no worries. It’s more like the collector in me (even though I do plan on using Nuendo with bigger projects with video tracks).

Purchased, and bought! Cubase and Nuendo are both activated under the same account!

Thanks so much!

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At this point I really feel like they should rename Nuendo to “Cubase Ultimate”. There was a time when they were completely separate products, and then a longer time when even though they were of the same codebase there were often a fair bit of differences. These days, Nuendo seems to be a superset of Cubase Pro. It has all the same features, same versioning even, just has additional features Cubase doesn’t.

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Some of my clients never heard of Nuendo, but they know about Cubase,. I find it ridiculous to keep two different names when the programs are essentially the same. Nuendo IS Cubase + xtra features. One brilliant things about PT is the marketing, there is one PT (although there is more) but in the eyes of the general public, there is PT and that’s it.
If Nuendo wanted to stay for “post” only, then why include video game features like Wwise Connect that can also be very useful for video game composers…… I don’t understand the logic.


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No logic, just history. :wink:

Well, if I told you how the users have been complaining about their current 5 “flavors” of their DAW, and how their update / upgrade paths are a total nightmare that even Avid can’t understand… You’d really prefer to keep Cubase / Nuendo as separately named DAWs. And that is without including the student / educational paths either LOL.

/ End of rant.

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I…kinda have to agree! Haha. Avid has been terrible with providing quality, meaningful updates while Cubase/Nuendo never fails.

They’re behind in competition on a lot of features actually…
Honestly, the only reason why PT is still in business, is because clients still use them—otherwise, everyone would jump ship to be honest.

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