Want to upgrade from Wavelab 2 to current one, but Steinberg site didn't recognize serial

Hello all. Just wondering if anyone can guide me on this. I own a boxed version of Wavelab 2 and want to upgrade to the current one. Did a new user registration at the Steinberg site and it didnt recognize the old serial number. Any info on this will be much appreciated :sunglasses:

There’s no upgrade path for Wavelab 2. You need at least Wavelab 7 to get upgrade pricing.
Also, a Wavelab 2 serial number is probably too old to be recognized by the site system.

You should try logging a support request in MySteinberg / MySupport, it’s worth a shot but I wouldn’t hold my breath. That’s a really old version! As you’re new here, it’s worth mentioning that this is a user-to-user forum, although Steinberg staff are sometimes active here (including the great PG himself!). Sales enquiries must be directed to Steinberg themselves.